Some Humor At School

Sense And Inertia !

Once during a Physics lecture, we were discussing Newton’s First Law – ‘Law of Inertia’. Inertia is defined as the tendency of a body to stay in its native state and resist any change. So taking the common example of a man getting down from the bus, our teacher tried to explain the concept of Inertia.

When the bus is moving, the body’s native state is to be in motion as well and as soon as one gets down the body tries to resist the change and you feel a jolt. In order to lessen its impact and to avoid injury, one should run along with the bus for a short distance.

So our teacher, reviewing the concept, said : ‘A sensible man …’ but was interrupted by a student who had a lighter comment to make : ‘ will not get down from a moving bus at all!’

Blundering through a problem !

I and my friend Arun were working on a difficult problem in Calculus and we weren’t getting the answer. Finally , frustrated, Arun got up and went up to the fridge and fetched two bottles of Thums Up.

Then we discovered a minor mistake that on correction gave us the right answer. While handing me a Thums Up bottle, Arun ever the master of repartee, cheered and said, ‘Taste the Blunder’!

Deep Slumber !

Once it so happened that one of my class-mates didn’t appear for one of our class tests. Naturally we all assumed that he must have taken ill. Our teacher was very particular about everything and the next day, when he came to the class, she asked him for an explanation.

It was then that he sheepishly admitted that he was staying alone that week-end so no one has pulled him out of the land of nod and that he had overslept. We all expected him to receive a sound scolding but much to our surprise our teacher excused him.

She must have our surprised faces for she gave all of us a warm smile and said, ‘I excused him because he must have prepared well for the test or else he would have been so tensed up that he would not have been able to sleep a wink, far less oversleep.

Blood Groups !

It was our Zoology practical a couple of days before the Republic Day. The air was heavy with patriotic fervor. Our practical dealt with the ABO Blood Group System and we were to test the blood group of certain volunteers.

When one of the students extended his finger for giving the blood sample, our professor equipped with needle quipped, ‘Tum mujhe khoon do…’ a small pause for emphasis and then ‘main tumhe blood group doonga’  (You give me blood, I will give you blood group.) It was a neat take on Netaji’s war cry, ‘Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe azaadi doonga’. (You give me blood, I will you freedom).


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