Web of corruption!

Dewdrops on a cobweb in the early morning sun. Image courtesy of Lisa McDonald / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Dewdrops on a cobweb in the sun.
Image courtesy of Lisa McDonald / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

‘His popularity is gaining mammoth proportions. What makes him so successful? A  tête-à-tête with the legion giant – Mr. Corruption!’

CS : What do you feel about the attitude of the masses towards you?

Mr. C: You know that is one of the tough breaks of my job. At least I am known today, unlike in the old days when I was a nobody and unheard of.

CS : Tell us about your struggles.

Mr. C: As a newcomer I struggled a lot. Then Principles and High Ideals were the order of the day.It sure was hard to get by those days.

CS : So what constructive steps did you take towards making progress?

Mr. C: After some research I realized that the customer is the king. So I offered my followers a lot of free services; I offered them opulence and luxury. Initially respectability was hard to earn but nowadays I am able to provide that too.

CS : How have you been able to maintain you success?

Mr. C: Basically it is the immunity concept that I am able to cash on. My notoriety has spread to such a degree that people have tired of me. Nowadays I don’t revoke such an alarmed response among them.

CS : What are your future plans?

Mr. C: It is a fast paced world and as we roar into the next century, my plans include quantum growth and diversification in view of my long-term commitments. Otherwise I may spring a surprise or two in the future perhaps like slowing down a bit.

CS : What about the honest, scrupulous, sincere and uncorrupted people?

Mr. C:  (Dismisses the query with a wave of hand) They pose no threat to me!

This ‘tongue-in-cheek’ piece appeared in the Leisure supplement of a local English daily,’The Indian Express’ in Pune, India on March 27, 1996.


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