Thanks Boss.

You are fortunate if you have a good boss when you start your first Corporate job – there will be no encore performance as you set about cutting your teeth on the job.

In 2000, a fresh Management graduate, I joined a prominent Indian business house as a Management Trainee and was assigned to assist the GM helming a division engaged in marketing of industrial chemicals.  As a callow youth in his early 20s I was dealing with people who had served the Organization for over twenty-five years. It was a novel situation for sure.

A year later I grabbed an opportunity to join an MNC retailing Consumer Finance products. I paid a tribute to my first boss for being a father figure to me and for making my first job stint an interesting and educational experience.

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Dear Sir,

As Somerset Maugham puts it : you are the kind of person who does not expect gratitude. It’s a thing that no one has a right to. After all, you do good because it gives you pleasure. It’s the purest form of happiness there is. To expect a bonus on shares on which you’ve already received a dividend; it’s grand, but one mustn’t look upon it as your due.

But I have a strong urge to acknowledge that I have felt really privileged to have had you as my boss. You have been like a  father figure to me. And I have tried to imbibe the values you have displayed in your professional and personal life.

Briefly I recap a few points which I have always strongly admired in you.

Your ability to delegate freely. I did a lot of mini assignments for you. And you always provided me the personal space to function effectively and enhance the scope of all that I did. You involved me in most of the aspects of the decision-making process and this transparency provided me an opportunity to learn early the behind-the-scenes activity of the Corporate life.

Your patience and big-heartedness in forgiving mistakes. I have never seen you lose your temper. I have experienced the tact with which you indicate the mistakes we all make in our work. You even openly accept the consequences of the slips made by us. It always motivated me to try to avoid being caught on the wrong foot.

Your ability to learn and move on no matter what happens. It has meant that you are savvy with computers just like the youngsters. It also meant that you showed no emotions regarding the turbulence that has hit our company in general and our division in particular.

My decision to leave was a career move which I felt made sense at this stage. Nonetheless I admit that I felt remorse as I shall be longer working with you. On top of it my departure happened amidst so much of chaos on account of the VRS that has been launched.

We had a brief but intense relationship and I trust that I was an asset to you. Further I really wish to keep in touch with you.

I have many challenges ahead of me and appreciate the good wishes with which you bid me a farewell.

I remain,

yours ever,


Collection: iStock Vectors Courtesy: Getty Images
Collection: iStock Vectors
Courtesy: Getty Images

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