Solitude …

It reminds me of my college days when I was staying alone while my parents were out-of-station for a couple of months. Back then, nearly two decades ago, I was left with enough time in the evenings and over the weekends to pursue a variety of interests.

Well my wife and daughter are away on a visit to home and I suddenly have this window to reset the priorities and clean up certain pending agendas. Solitude is so scary to many – for me it is a natural process of renewal and rejuvenation!

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In typical Management style it is best to visualize the plan so that one can translate it into reality. And as they say, ‘what gets measured, gets done’ – so how about some goal setting. Therein lies the catch though – I want to have rather hazy goals this time instead of the ‘SMART’ ones. It is the journey itself that needs to have more meaning. It sounds right to me even if it is unconventional and most importantly I am looking forward to it.

Sort of papers and my digital life Over 14 years of corporate life and many moves I have gathered a lot of stuff including paper and my digital trivia including mails, photos, files etc. The general principle has been to never throw it away so that it will be available ‘just-in-case’ I need it in future. Any attempt to sort out the baggage reminds me of a ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’ episode wherein you examine everything with the idea of throwing out stuff but end up not having the heart to do it. This is not stuff meant for the faint-hearted, it will require some patience and wrenching to let go of a lot that should have been done such a long time ago.

Testing my culinary skills again – So let us go beyond the occasional Tea, Maggi and Curd rice routine. While ‘Ready-To-Eat’ packs and ‘Dial-A-Parcel-Meal’ will be the mainstay, let us have some room to try something more adventurous particularly on the weekend. It’s good that there won’t be anyone around to criticize just in case the results don’t match the enthusiasm.

Chamakte chand ko toota hua tara bana dala … – That is hard-core Ghulam Ali ghazal that I listened to possibly decades ago. So imagine setting up a late evening with a cuppa of Nescafe and the laptop while the song is playing not so softly in the background. No visuals or YouTube please – just good ol style of listening to some music.

Reading that P D James novel all over again – Time to open up the book collection and reread some of the old favourites. To be fair I have been reading along all the while but the intensity is missing at times. How about a straight session of say 6-8 hours while you are just reading and periodically attending to small distractions like the Washing Machine, the meal in Microwave, fixing up a quick coffee, cleaning up the home, attending a  phone call, chatting up on Whatsapp or Skype.

Am sure you will realize that all that I have described above is solitary activity done in a rather quiet home – there are the other routines of office and friends as well. However that is the window I remembered from my old college days – even with rather frugal resources I was able to enjoy the ‘solitude’. A break of the routine as we say that I am embarking on with the hope of enjoying the journey and not hasten to reach the destination.

Photo : Tim Graham Courtesy : Getty Images
Photo : Tim Graham
Courtesy : Getty Images

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