The career of Adam Dalgliesh by P D James

English actor, Roy Marsden, played the role of Adam Dalgliesh from the Scotland Yard for 15 years and chronicled 10 of the 14 murder mysteries authored by Baroness P D James featuring the ‘dour detective and private poet’ character.

Dalgliesh was introduced by P D James in her début novel, Cover Her Face, in 1962 and went onto appear for 46 years till the final appearance in 2008 in the novel, The Private Patient. The character has not aged much during the period though James succeeded in deepening his profile and retain the reader’s interest in the professional and personal exploits of an unconventional but effective policeman who is a rector’s son and has a private code of ethics and morality.

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The chronology of his appearances across the last 5 decades is summarized below and I have added my review links to the same. I plan to complete reviews for all the novels though a few are pending at the moment.

# Year Title My Review Link 
1 1962 Cover Her Face
2 1963 A Mind to Murder WIP
3 1967 Unnatural Causes
4 1971 Shroud for a Nightingale
5 1975 The Black Tower
6 1977 Death of an Expert Witness
7 1986 A Taste for Death
8 1989 Devices and Desires
9 1994 Original Sin
10 1997 A Certain Justice
11 2001 Death in Holy Orders
12 2003 The Murder Room
13 2005 The Lighthouse
14 2008 The Private Patient
Adam Dalgliesh – a dour detective or private poet

Happy reading and hope you enjoy the reviews. I look forward to your views.

Collection:Popperfoto Credit: Popperfoto/Getty Images
Credit: Popperfoto/Getty Images

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