1st Anniversary of my WordPress blog.

It is exactly 1 year to the day – just completed my first year as an amateur blogger on WordPress. I began my journey as an expatriate Indian Banker with a flair for words. It has been an interesting year and guess a good time to do some stock taking.

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It began as a simple exercise – I used to enjoy writing during my teens and had contributed some ‘odds and ends’ to local papers and magazines. It seemed to be a good idea to convert the paper cuttings into a digital form. It was a convenient repository and would be easily accessible. I started the activity rather casually but there was great response from my old friends so I was egged on to pursue it in earnest. In all I transcribed about 50 pieces and completed the activity in about 3 months.

By now I had got into the blogging routine – to generate a piece of about 500-800 words along with a suitable illustration became nightly routine. I would usually publish about 3-4 posts every week. At this stage, it felt like a catharsis, as I had a lot of memories from the past. It felt nice to give them a form and articulate what was a bit of vague thought in my mind till then.

Beyond a point I seemed to be running out of ideas, when I decided to write reviews. I was an avid reader and also enjoyed watching old movies particularly from Tamil cinema. So it was rather easy to find more material to analyse and elaborate. By then I would also have some strong views on the news items coming in my Google feed. I started yet another category called ‘Random Thoughts’ to cover the same.

I then discovered the world of Stats and Search Engines. I did not want to detract from my main interest i.e. writing so resorted to some limited usage of the SEO tools available. I linked my site to Google and Bing Webmaster tools. I was able to install ‘Clicky Analytics’ in part and that provided some more insights into my visitors and their activities.

Over time my list of followers kept growing though not many seemed to regularly read my blogs. At least I assume that since the feedback would come only from a few of them. I have not much time till now with the blogging community at large but enjoyed the little interaction I had with other WordPress users.

The experience has been very useful as I started the activity when I was trying to improve my self-awareness. I think I know myself and my priorities a lot better than I did a year ago and blogging has contributed to self-discovery and growth. It has made me more aware of my environment, I discern patterns better and can comprehend the motives that drive people’s actions.

There is never quite an end to learning, so as I step into my second year as an amateur blog, I am excited and certain that there will newer experiences and more lessons to be learnt from them And a periodic exercise in stock taking and review will help me discover newer facets of the art of blogging.

Happy reading and thanks for your time and feedback.

Collection:iStock Vectors Courtesy: Getty Images
Collection:iStock Vectors
Courtesy: Getty Images

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