Moving out of my comfort zone…

I sleep like a baby every night.

I wake up every three or four hours and cry.

– Unknown

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Well I didn’t quite mean that literally though I am sure you get the drift. Am in throes of a big change in my life that is forcing me out of my comfort zone built over a decade. Obviously it feels uncomfortable to be ‘out-of-control’ and that makes one a bit edgy as well. My family and friends have noticed this and are a bit surprised for it is rather unlike me to get ruffled easily.

A close friend advised me that there is no escaping the reality of the transition being painful and troublesome. However he also felt that I could ease the stress by examining what is happening and tweaking my priorities for at least the next 6 months so that I can cope with the change.

So here we go – the opportunity is both exciting and challenging. If I bring it off well, it will set me off on a new cycle of growth that will last at least about five years. It demands undivided focus and attention – unlearning a lot of the past and learning new things as well. It is in the zone of my natural strengths and that is the reason I should be able to make it provided I can keep the spirit going during the transformation.

I plan to create adequate space for the same by shuffling some of the other activities that had become instinctive and routine for me. I take care not to cut it too thin as I do need a bit of recreation as well to serve the purpose of being a diversion.

Cut on the time I spend doing online activities – Well it’s mostly surfing the news and reading up a lot. I have become like a bit of a ‘information junkie’. Am not all that active on social media but then that too is part of the routine. Finally I have taken well to blogging in the past one year since I started. I do turn out quite a few posts every month. In all I easily spend about 3-4 hours everyday on these activities.

I plan to slacken on everything I mentioned above. At least it will help me shave off a couple of hours. Of the all activities, I will prefer to ensure that blogging gets the priority it deserves over the rest. I still should be able to write 10-12 posts every month.

Build appetite to read extra – about 50 pages a day – My new learning does require focused reading and I need to be disciplined about it. I find reading fun but I guess this would mean that I read less for leisure & entertainment and more for education & instruction. Nonetheless with the weekends I hope to be able to catch an odd novel or two every fortnight.

Defer personal priorities in the interim – I need to be realistic about this one. There is no way that I can manage to have the Cake and eat it too. So obviously this does hit a few cherished plans but I can console myself that I should be able to change this after 6 months. Had some interesting plans in the pipeline including travel and learning a new language. But now the immediate plan to travel would be official and meant to help me learn about my new assignment.

Inspite of all this, the ordinary days are going to be stretched and taxing. I should ensure that I don’t get bogged down with the trivial and miss the vitals. And I should keep the spirit going for it is going to be a lovely place when I finally reach there.

Comfort zone! Hmm what a nice place it was while it lasted. Now that I have decided to move on, I value the personal space it gave me in the recent years wherein life had become an easy routine and the pleasures were no less enjoyable though they were everyday affairs.

Collection:OJO Images Courtesy:Getty Images
Collection:OJO Images
Courtesy:Getty Images

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