Review of Kamal 50

Kamal Haasan has completed over 55 years in Indian cinema and he has worked in various languages chiefly Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. The event was held in Nov 2012 and was recently telecast again on Vijay TV. The clips are available on You Tube as well.

It is a fascinating journey and a great tribute to a fine actor and human being – the spark was noticed as early as when he was 4 years old. AVM recognized his star potential by giving more prominence on their posters to the ‘child star’ making a début in Kalathur Kannamma that was released in 1959.

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‘Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 – Oru Thodarum Sarithiram’ was a glittering tribute organized to mark the occasion of Kamal Haasan completing 50 years in Indian Cinema. It was telecast in 2012 on Vijay TV and repeat telecasts indicate that it is popular with the audience.

The function itself was a grand tribute that was attended by the élite of the South Indian industry. Taking their names or reproducing their tributes would be a pointless exercise – if you are interested enough it is best to watch the event itself on You Tube. Interestingly the packaged telecast was edited to fit a 2 hour format, but related video clips of the event show much more. So you can actually watch a lot more by scrolling the related links that appear alongside.

It is a fascinating journey and the event tells us many stories and anecdotes about Kamal that we did not know before. Surely his views on religion, marriage and politics are not mainstream – that they are based on genuine conviction and a personal choice should not be questioned. Indeed many luminaries felicitated him while acknowledging that they did differ from his views – one cannot find a better tribute to liberal traditions and the sheer humanism of people who can set aside personal differences while acknowledging and applauding a talented personality.

Kamal’s cinema journey is indeed a unique and possibly unsurpassable one also because of the wide variety of hats that he has donned so far – actor, writer,lyricist, singer, choreographer, producer and director. I cannot easily think of anybody else who has been so versatile and successful.

Thankfully Kamal regards the event as just yet another milestone – he has unlimited verve and enthusiasm to pursue his craft and enthrall us. We can look forward to many more treats from him. My personal wish list would include the following Top 3 –

  • Kamal and Rajni together – in a movie that does justice to both of them
  • Kamal and Sridevi together – the star pair was a very successful collaboration. Having two great actors together will be a treat in itself
  • Kamal and Mani Ratnam together – they did only one movie together and that was the classic Nayagan. It would have to be riveting subject though since the millennials have not had much from Mani Ratnam to admire in recent times.

Rumors keep popping up time to time – more of a publicity stunt than not. But it not altogether ruled out ever – so the tantalizing prospect of such collaborations is something we can watch out far.

Collection:AFP Courtesy:Getty Images
Courtesy:Getty Images

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