Hooray – it is vacation time.

Christmas and New Year are just round the corner and soon we will be into 2015. So it is time to pack your bags and head out for a final break. We need to brace up for the New Year and the changes it will unleash into our lives.

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So I travelled yesterday and it was an interesting trip. Clearing the Passport Controls is a breeze at my place and you are all done within 15 minutes. On boarding my flight I was pleasantly surprised to note that I had been assigned the Fire Exit seat. Time to stretch your legs and no need to crouch oneself into an awkward position.

I did not have the movie screen in front of me but I could catch a Tamil movie with its English sub-titles. It seemed interesting so I just continued to watch it till the end. Food and refreshments were served in along the way. Finally time for a small nap before I land in the wee hours of the night. Just a small slip that saw me not receive the Ebola clearance and Custom forms when it was distributed. By the time I got around to ask for it they were all gone. I didn’t quite expect it to be a big bother.

And was I wrong – dead in the night there was this big queue waiting and without the form one was just not getting anywhere. Having run helter-skelter and duelled with the Babudom I finally got hold of the forms after 15 minutes. Clearing the queue took another 30 minutes – I was lucky that a new counter was opened and I was able to jump into the new queue that rushed towards the exit door.

So it was over an hour since my flight had landed – got worried about my luggage being misplaced at the Carousel. Well I need not have worried – it had not found out its way yet. Think the carousel ran at least 10 – 15 rounds before it finally surfaced. People were relaxed and cool about it. There was nothing new about this.

Finally stepped out of the airport into a breezy night and caught hold of a taxi. Was coasting along watching the Metro project that had progressed from what I saw of it last year but still it was a long journey that was underway.

Finally reached home as the early morning activity picked up – things pick up quickly in the town. Was greeted by my amma who provided a welcome morning cup of Tea. She was busy preparing to leave for her school and a duel ahead with her students. She listened to the litany of my complaints with a smile. She commented briefly, ‘The longer you are away the more you seem to be losing touch with our reality’. Touché! There was no real answering that.

Well time for me brace up and realign my expectations as I traverse multiple cities over the next three weeks in order to catch with some work and some recreation. But it is meeting the people who I am looking forward to the most – a timely reminder about the need to battle the system everyday and count whatever blessings that have come your way.

Collection : Digital Quality Vectors Courtesy: Getty Images
Collection : Digital Quality Vectors
Courtesy: Getty Images

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