Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

The rather stoical British motto in face of adversity is much required as Bertie rushes in to enemy territory by visiting Totleigh Towers.

Jeeves in action                                                                                            Image Courtesy – Pic Click AU

For readers who are familiar with the past adventures, there is no need to remind the stiff and frosty relations that Wooster shares with the Pop Bassett who happens to be the owner of the establishment.

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And it is quite an ensemble cast that awaits Wooster and Jeeves as they visit once again to undertake comical adventures while resolving the tender issues pertaining to sundered hearts. In brief the opening scene has two couple on the scene – Bassett’s daughter, Madeline, is madly in love with Pinker who happens to be a dear friend of Bertie as well. Madeline happens to have been proposed earlier by Wooster and so he is the back up arrangement if things go awry for the couple.

A more interesting couple comprises of Bassett’s niece, Stephanie (Stiffy) who just dotes on Stinker who is yet another buddy of Wooster. Stinker is a Curate and has played as prop forward in Rugby at college. He is yearning to get a Vicarage as it would enable him to marry Stiffy. Stiffy feels that there is a need to intervene to ensure things go her way. She arm-twists Bertie into doing the dirty work for her – in this regard she proceeds on lines similar to other femme fatale who came Bertie’s way i.e. Bobbie Wickham and Honoria Glossop.

The additional action on the scene is on account of Bartholomew -Stiffy’s Aberdeen terrier – who fancies some action in terrorizing people and digs into Pinker’s ankle as well. Pop Bassett, an old collector of art artefacts reminisces about his old run-ins with Bertie and suspects his motives. He is supported in this regard by Lord Sidcup (Spode) who magnificently essays the role of Madeline’s unrequited lover.

To this den where Wooster would normally not even permit wild horses to drag him into, he actually ventures on his own accord. He fashions himself to play the role of the raisonneur who is on a peace mission to ensure that there is no trouble in ‘Madeline-Pinker’ paradise. Unfortunately he miserably fails in his effort and not even Jeeves comes to his rescue.

A dramatic moment see Pinker elope with Emerald Stoker, who is playing the role of a part-time cook to perfection. Bertie’s other adventures include breaking a Grandfather’s antique clock in the night, trying to sell a stolen Amber statue to a bloke named Plank,being denounced as a kleptomaniac by his own loyal serf, Jeeves, and hiding behind sofa chairs to prevent being handed over to the local Police for his misdemeanours. Well he almost succeeds and then fails to eventually spend a night in the Chokey. Jeeves seems to be a bit out of touch and does not quite execute a quick rescue.

But Wodehouse is a master as ever of social farce and the red herrings laid with the precision of an Agatha Christie novel all come together to effect a most satisfactory ending. With Pinker out of action, Madeline suddenly discovers the so far unrequited love and admiration in the bleeding heart of Lord Sidcup and is game to the alliance. Stinker’s trouble end when Plank discovers his past legacy as a Prop Forward and decide to reward him with a vicarage.

So once again it is all’s well that ends well and true to type Wooster emerges from the woodworks finally and not smelling of Roses either.


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