Love and longing for Uttama Villain

Personal priorities have created a situation whereby I am not able to watch the movie that released recently – Kamal is my all time favourite actor and the rave reviews have whetted my appetite for the show.

Have planned to watch it soon, till then it is a bit of love and longing as I just have to bide my time. The wait makes one a bit impatient but am sure the it will meet a sweet end.

Kamal’s Theyyam Performance                                                                                                                     Image Courtesy –
Embed from Getty Images

Enough and more reviews have dusted the plot and story to death. It is trademark Kamal movie and the focus remains sharply on him. It is a workable combination of setting an art movie while keeping the commercial aesthetics in mind. To many the ‘story-in-the-story’ is not as pleasing and they wonder why there is a need for it. To my mind it all about enriching the plot by allowing a counter plot to appear – so imagine a dying Manoranjan (celebrated film star of present day) being contrasted by Uttaman (who is nicknamed Mritunjay – one who successfully evades death).

Am surprised to be doing this i.e. writing about a movie that I am yet to see. But the media had an overdose of stories, reviews and clips on the movie so am sure I will not miss much in penning my thoughts in advance.

Looking forward to watch – 

  • Theyyam themed dance – it was much in news and is an innovation. The trailer and making of movie stories show some riveting glimpses of the sequence. It will be a delight to watch.
  • Screen space being shared by Kamal with his gurunathar, K Balachandar (Margadarsi). The role is but a tribute to their real life association – talk about life inspiring art for a change.
  • Screen space shared with another veteran director K Vishwanath who played a vital role in ensuring commercial success of the young Kamal Hassan. It is interesting to note that Kamal has ensued a scene wherein he is with both KB and KV accentuating the roles they played in shaping his character.
  • The usual suspects – Kamal tends to repeat his close associates so we make merry with the presence of Jayaram, Urvasi, Nasser and the recent additions of Pooja Kumar and Andrea.
  • The final overture – I have heard great things about the climax. I can guess what it will be about as well but till I watch it the suspense remains. I don’t want to spoil it by reading anything about it – it is to be savoured real-time.

Not looking forward to watch –

  • Have heard that the storyline could have been trimmed, there are phases where the movie drags. Not sure though till I see it for myself.
  • ‘Senn Tamil jokes’ – a personal problem since I do not have the command on the language to decipher the nuances. Get the message usually though by watching the same multiple times.
  • A modern dance sequence with Pooja Kumar didn’t quite appeal – may it is time for Kamal to stop chasing heroines around trees or whatever. Later I learnt that the song was a spoof on commercial Tamil films – a single kiss and the boy n girl are in love.
  • Speculation on whether this is Kamal’s swan song. It is silly to speculate since we have a couple of his movies lined up to come soon. But it is being interpreted a bit differently by ardent Kamal watchers.

We have seen him alternate between meaningful cinema and mindless comedies for a long time. So in a way, having poured his heart and soul in narrating the personal experience of an ageing superstar, is Kamal preparing himself to take a sabbatical or even put a stop to his creative stories? Certainly not a question that I choose to dwell much upon.

So there it is – have summed my feelings as I wait patiently for the drama to unfold. It adds a nice tang to the delight of watching the latest offering by our own ‘ulaganayagan’.

Credit - Suhaimi Abdullah Courtesy - Getty Images
Credit – Suhaimi Abdullah
Courtesy – Getty Images

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