Dear Reader, ‘You & I’ in this beautiful blogging world…

This blog post is based on a simple idea. Possibly after ages, I am not reviewing a book or a movie. Nor am I raving and ranting about life in general or my experiences in particular. It is not even an attempt to create humour and a few laughs. In fact it represents a clear departure from my usual work.

So why am I writing this? It is just to test a simple premise. A fellow blogger wrote a post from the point of view (p.o.v.) of a blog follower. I just felt that a counter from the p.o.v. of a writer would be fun as well. So here we go.

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My dear reader,

I have been blogging for about a year and half now. Thanks for ‘following’ my blog at some point of time. It may have been an instinctive click of the ‘follow’ button – an ephemeral moment of appreciation. But it remains quite tenacious as not many ‘followers’ go away. It is a theory of mine that it is a mix of inertia (we are all so very tardy or squeamish to knock off a connection you no longer enjoy) v/s interest (the blogger throws in an odd curve ball once in a while that is a good read) that sustains the status quo.

Some of you have chosen to be vocal in your feedback – it might have been a one-off or a few sporadic episodes. But on rare occasions it becomes a symphony. A writer shares a unique bond with a particular reader and they end up forming a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’.

‘You & I, in this beautiful world,
Green grass, blue skies,
In this beautiful world
You and I, winding lanes as streams go by,
You and I, in this beautiful world…

I was reminded of this jingle from a TV ad that was popular in 2003; promoting a mobile network it showed fun moments share by a young boy with a cute pug that followed him everywhere. Talk about being man’s best friend!

But that’s besides the point. Let me focus instead on the average blogger and reader. My wish list on the relationship is as follows –

We appreciate a kind word – in fact a not-so-kind one as well

A two-way interaction excites me and it spurs me to write more as well. I have heard this one before, ‘I wanted to drop a line but …’ The list of excuses is so very long – didn’t find time, didn’t find words, will tell him when I meet or speak to him, not very sure he will like what I have to say, not very sure that I want to put it down in black n white etc.etc.

If something touches you truly, it is a spontaneous moment. And it is the best moment to just jump in and write your two pennies’ worth.

We might differ in our views, but we should support freedom of expression

People need to be different and need to be accepted for what they are. It makes life exciting and provides the perspective and balance to avoid becoming obdurate.

Its tough since I am an introvert and quite headstrong by nature. It is difficult to make too many adjustments without compromising ones core self – but believe me ‘my way or highway’ doesn’t quite work well in most spheres of life. A golden mean has to be found on this one.

Respect personal boundaries and space

Bloggers invariably end up sharing a sliver or more of their personal life. It may be a happenstance or driven by an intense experience. I prefer to spot that invisible boundary and not step into a person’s life – particularly when our interaction is limited to blogging and we don’t know each other.

If ever you feel like leaving – don’t feel guilty and hang on needlessly

It happens – am sure that there is not one blogger who has not noticed a blip and spotted a follower disappear. We get used to it and can even understand that it happens, though it is not our idea of fun. With time, people and interests do change. So if ever, you feel the need to move on please do so without thinking much about it.

Thanks for reading, if you have reached till here. I appreciate your presence and look forward to hearing more from you.


Urs affy,


Credit: Transcendental Graphics Courtesy: Getty Images
Credit: Transcendental Graphics
Courtesy: Getty Images

2 Replies to “Dear Reader, ‘You & I’ in this beautiful blogging world…”

  1. A blogger combines across the gradient self-expression and social interaction. It is a personal and individual choice. His readers too respond on similar terms. Thus the water finds its own level, so to speak.

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