My ‘Book Sale’ at home

No book lover would ever wish to part from his dear collection – possibly the prospect of getting a root-canal done on an ol ‘molar may be more acceptable than letting go of the most tattered book from one’s collection.

Yet things came to such a pass that I had no choice but host a ‘book sale’. I made the best of the bad job by assigning it to my dear wife – I just didn’t want to participate in the ‘inheritance of a loss’ as I would term it.

My Book Sale
My Book Sale

My wife set about the task with gusto – she quickly arranged the books in a pile. The arrangement was driven more by the size of the book than the name of the author or the book’s genre. Her’s was a practical approach as can be seen in the snap. The photo does convey a good idea of the assorted books available and possibly will accommodate the most catholic interest of potential readers.

Snap done, the second step was to post it online using on one of local women community pages – apparently this is a popular way for most stuff to pass around. I guess we had about 150 odd books on offer – in a day we sold nearly 30 of them. That is not a bad deal right? The price was incidental – I just didn’t want to let go for free. I think that’s never quite appreciated when it comes to books as it does for most things in life. My wife cajoled me into keeping a simple price so that it does not confuse people much. Bulk purchase meant either rounding off the sum or throwing in a book. She seems to be quite adept in learning the tricks of the trade.

I didn’t know that books could be so popular – we sold quite a few. More got booked or reserved. I was surprised to know that people are anxious to reserve so that they don’t miss out simply because they can’t immediately visit us and take the stuff away. And to imagine that in today’s time and age we still have people interested in Russian writers – that was quite a revealing moment for me.

Some lovely comments on the Fb post – few people admired the collection nurtured over more than a decade now and wonder how I could bear to part with it. Well practicalities were at play and I decided to play the role of being a stoic and solemn guy. Great fun stories happened as well – a cool dude walked in to buy books for his sister. He had no clue about them so he patched in his sister who was looking for all Agatha Christie’s that were available. Well I had 22 of them, so wondered what happened next. The lady wanted only 5, the guy finally took in 10. Reason was quite touching though – the sister didn’t want to tax her brother too much but he thought he could buy more than 5 for sure. The price was incidental but I was politely reminded of youngsters who manage on a real shoestring budget and even small treats entail a big sacrifice.

So there is adventure galore to be had if you decide to sell off something as personal as books. Am happy to know that there are new readers who are excited to read them just like me when I started out. Seeing youngsters make a go for it too is a positive sign. So I am quite optimistic that the stock will run low in the next few days – obviously some books may still be around. Well why am I doing this to begin with organizing an online version of the garage sale? It is a bit about logistics but I also have a bigger plan around it. Am planning to buy a few select ones again as new sets. And finally to let you in on the game – there were a few that were so dear or had such nice memories that I managed to retain them inspite of the spring-cleaning dictat that prevails presently at home.


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