Nature’s Images and Quotable Quotes

‘Time and tide wait for no man’. – Geoffrey Chaucer

Imagine the text in bold white offset on a nice nature scene that adorns your wall in the living room. A sign of taste and culture and adored just as much a grandpa’s old Cuckoo clock in original walnut.

I may be mistaken but I seem to find them far less visible in modern homes – in fact imagery has moved away from paper and wood to become digital in so many ways including our photo frames.

Sigh ! Just a sign of old age and nostalgia I suppose when I say I miss these a lot now.

Embed from Getty Images

My father loved to have such frames and they were very much part of our middle class childhood. My father was working an auditor in the central government service and we mostly stayed in army accommodation. If nothing else, the homes were generous in terms of space and rooms – to imagine the contrast with a cubby hole flat in suburban Mumbai where we have defined esoteric concepts like a 2 and 1/2 BHK. But then that is an altogether different subject.

So my father would collect popular landscapes – trees and the silent woods were his favourite followed by images of flowing brooks and waterfalls. I couldn’t quite find an illustration adequate enough to show an example but am sure all of us would remember having seen such images. They are popular even now and you are likely to find some vendor selling glossy laminated images outside a local railway station. If you are nature lover, you just need to put in the additional effort to have these framed. Am sure they continue to be popular though our films stars and sports stars might jostle them for space.

As teenagers I guess there was no debate on what kind of posters we wanted within our space – I had the luxury of having my own room though many kids end up sharing their space with a sibling. Tennis stars and films heroines were the obviously popular ones – some followed it up with cartoons, funny quotes, attitudinal quotes etc.’Rules of my room’ or some such variant would greet you on the door itself.

I like to seem them even now in a well maintained living room – my basic taste include the following items to be included. One wall should have long French windows – if possibly with potted plants and a good natural view. The colour scheme of the walls should be soothing – whatever be the colour preferences. I like dim lighting that can be used in the languorous evenings when you could enjoy music or conversation on a chilly evening or when it is drizzling outside. And the two final items – besides the furniture where I have fairly catholic taste – is a nice wall clock (Cuckoo variety included) and 1 or 2 inspirational murals.

It is becoming a rarity to find such personal touch in most homes. When it comes to rented ones, we can quite understand the restrictions and lack of enthusiasm, but often I am surprised to note that people with own homes to are quite lackadaisical about it.

Else imagine the scene I mentioned just now and a nice nature’s poster with a meaningful quote on say family such as this one –

‘The only way to have a friend is to be one.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Credit : Mike Hewitt - FIFA Courtesy: Getty Images
Credit : Mike Hewitt – FIFA
Courtesy: Getty Images

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