Yippee … WiFi goes live at home.

Transition is slow and painful. Having moved back to Pune about a fortnight back, am slowly settling into my orbit. Internet has invaded our lives so not having a net connection was quite a handicap and periodic visits to the nearby net café (Closest one to my home is a nice 2 KM away) was quite a chore.

Finally it is one more task done as WiFi went live today at home. Installing the connection was an experience in itself.

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On reaching home, my first week went attending to the basics. I managed to keep net related needs on the back burner and occasionally visited the Net Cafe to keep things moving. Having settled a bit, I did a quick research on my options. There was a branded Broadband company that seem to offer the latest be it speed or technology but for some reason they were not popular in our society.

I did worry about their signal coverage and service issues before deciding to try a few other options. I called their help line and asked for details. Twice they promised that a sales rep will call me back but no one bothered to do that. I do wonder if my no is available on some prospect list that will trigger a follow-up by next week when they get around to review the business. A few friends felt that I was needlessly making a project of what was a simple game – just call the local broadband wallah.

A Sim based dongle was another option I mulled on for a while but I finally ended up taking a local service provider who seems to have stitched up the Broadband WiFi market well in our society. Everyone I spoke to was quite happy without having any clue of tech specs like what was the net speed, how much data was being offered. It all boiled down to a simple definition, ‘It is unlimited usage connection and the speed is good enough to watch YouTube and Movies, so do you have any more questions. By the way what were you talking about ‘Fair Usage Policy? And is it really possible to get a free WiFi router?’

Having decided to go ahead, I went through the process of getting their rep to do the installation. Twice he didn’t turn up, finally he came yesterday but we couldn’t proceed because the Terrace was locked and the family who had the key were not at home. Weird logistics that we all get used to managing out here. Luckily the guy was cheerful and said he will drop in today. I felt warm about that as he didn’t ask for any re-visit charges. Things have a way of being far too professional and contractual nowadays; ordinary courtesies are easily given the go-by.

I secured the terrace keys early in the morning and passed on the message. It didn’t make any difference – he turned up only late afternoon. But he knew his stuff and we were done and dusted with the installation in flat 30 minutes. I brewed a cuppa of milky Tea that is nice to share and chit-chat.

I still had a Bee in my bonnet about the tech specs – he smiled but didn’t really answer. The connection went live – he switched on YouTube and punched in, of all options, ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ by Boney M. I was wonderstruck by his choice and we became quite pally on that. He quickly logged in my mobile WiFi as well and opened YouTube to play Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song, ‘ Usne Jaana Ki Tareef Mumkin Nahi, Aafreen Aafreen …’. So East and West finally met and ran full speed to climax without any hitches. Amazing jugalbandi that even I couldn’t have concocted.

He then explained his take on the piece – ‘Internet didn’t really exist in most homes even 10 years back, today no one seems to be able to do without it. And it is a customer’s dream come true – faster and better all the time as it becomes cheaper as well. So don’t worry on the package you have chosen – if you find it slow I will tweak it for you. Just trust me on this one. And give me a call if you face any issues ..’. He finished his Tea with a quick and final swig and left to service his next client in the area.

I let it go at that – far too many people were happy with the vaguely defined brand promise that they had bandied about. My initial experience has been a great one so far and who knows it may egg me on to take up advocacy of the local network vis-à-vis their bigger and well-advertised rivals. Customization and a personal connection too are good drivers to promote customer loyalty.

Credit: Bloomberg Courtesy: Getty Images
Credit: Bloomberg
Courtesy: Getty Images

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