Kamal Haasan’s Movies

It is as good a time as any to compile my review list. Papanasam, his latest movie, is a great success and just completed a 50 day run. It sounds unusual in today’s world where a movie does maximum business in the first 3 days and often tapers off within 2 weeks of release, but the run is a tribute to the popularity of the movie that saw the return of Kamal the actor.We look forward for more such performances from him.

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He too has gone about scripting his legacy – we saw glimpses of his life faithfully reproduced with an artiste’s integrity in ‘Uttama Villain’. It was like having a special rendezvous where the actor’s mask was being peeled off to show the real person – naked and vulnerable as any human being.

Without much ado, appended is the list of reviews that I have written so far based on his movies. Undoubtedly the stock would grow as he keeps coming up with stellar performances and I as continue to delve in the rich repertoire that he has collected over the past 6 decades in Indian cinema.

# Title My Review Link
1 Tamil Classic Movie ‘Nayakan’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1Am
2 Kamal Haasain’s ‘Thoongavanam’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1Af
3 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1xN
4 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1xF
5 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Kuruthipunal’ (River of Blood) http://wp.me/p44iYk-1xn
6 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Sathyaa’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1xh
7 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Hey Ram’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1xc
8 Kamal – K Vishwanath’s Salangai Oli http://wp.me/p44iYk-1vQ
9 Kamal’s hilarious ‘quadruplets act’ – Michael Madana Kama Rajan http://wp.me/p44iYk-1×7
10 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Anbe Sivam’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1vN
11 Kamal Haasan’s ‘Papanasam’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1v9
12 Emotional moments in Kamal’s Uttama Villain http://wp.me/p44iYk-1uh
13 Kamal Haasan’s Twin Comedies – Pammal K Sambandam & Panchathantiram http://wp.me/p44iYk-1tj
14 Kamal Haasan’s Mahanadi http://wp.me/p44iYk-1mT
15 Review of Kamal 50 http://wp.me/p44iYk-1jX
16 Kamal and Rajni Movies http://wp.me/p44iYk-1er
17 Raja Paarvai starring Kamal Haasan http://wp.me/p44iYk-1aL
18 ‘Kamal Haasan’s silent black comedy – Pushpaka Vimana!’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-Rk
19 Dimple’s Sensuous Saagar http://wp.me/p44iYk-1w1
20 Love and longing for Uttama Villain http://wp.me/p44iYk-1u6
21 R C Sakthi’s ‘Manitharil Ithanai Nirangala’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1r9
22 Review of Tamil movie ‘Thevar Magan’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-1j4
23 Aval Appadithan by Rudraiah http://wp.me/p44iYk-1aQ
24 Balu Mahendra and the train to Ooty! http://wp.me/p44iYk-Cx
25 Review of Tamil classic movie, ‘Virumaandi’ http://wp.me/p44iYk-AZ
Collection:AFP Courtesy:Getty Images
Courtesy:Getty Images

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