The world of online job portals!

The IT revolution has changed our world and looking for the right career opportunity has never been easier. In a jiffy you can register yourself on the many job search portals and be bombarded with information and offers.

In the ideal world you hope that this deluge will make it easier for you to find your dream job. Sadly life is never quite so simple – the process is a grind in its own way and you need to take the rough with the easy as you wade through a maze of needless distractions that range from being mildly annoying to being perfectly obnoxious.

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So you update your profile and provide your contact information to await a call / e-mail from your dream company. What you would promptly get is the following –

Burnish your resume for a Fee offer – The pitch is quite convincing. You are a great profile but that is not enough. You need to communicate the same to the world that has converted the  CV into a slick presentation of Key Words and optimized verbiage. The ‘special pass key’ to crack the code is with the professional CV makers who can give you a makeover. Well at least it is a legitimate offer and discretion is advised to be exercised.

The Scamsters – They come in all kinds and types. The lower end tries to collect a Fee to promise job interviews. The more sophisticated ones try to extract money by making fake job offers – the company ids are typically an innocuous public domain mail account. They promise you the magical job that is all gain and no pain. Too good to be true and so you should not fall for it.

Other shades includes – work from home , work online, fill survey forms, do data entry, aggressively do Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Ponzi schemes, promise you visa and jobs in a distant land. The variety is mind-boggling.

You then get propositioned to become an entrepreneur – they are happy to take your money and ask you to carry the risk of the venture failing to take off. It is a surprise how much people fall for it all the same.

The marketers – Implicit to a job change is the assumption that your life is moving on as well. So you get the usual fillers that matter – goods schools for your kids, offers to buy home or land to secure your ‘ashiana’ and the works. The crazy ones include car/bike insurance scheme, investment offers, open a new bank account, online courses to improve your profile, video CVs (still a fancy in most of the corporate world), membership plans to recruiters who will highlight your CV & get you assured job interviews, and BPO / Call Center jobs that promise the moon.

Telecallers – There is no getting past them – they come in a wide variety as well. The ‘transactional’ profiles are a persistent lot but easier to deal with. Truecaller helps you block the calls as well though they keep shuffling numbers to get through. It’s the ‘pitchers’ who are more interesting to watch – they seem to know your profile, they make a skilled pitch to arouse your interest and then lead you again down the garden path of ‘paid job services’. The sophisticated ones can set you back by quite a mile.

Most of us are competent enough to deal with the nuisance – what jars us the waste of time and energy that could have been employed at a better avenue. But the grind is not optional and one has to go through the process. And one gets used to it as well – soon enough you can even have a quiet laugh on what hits you everyday.

And hopefully soon enough you land the career opportunity that appeals to you. Its time to pull the plug – deactivate your profile or put it in sleep mode, the mails fade away fairly soon, the calls don’t. If it is not too drastic, one might as well change the mobile number to move far from the madding crowd.



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