The romance of trains.

I love trains the best when it comes to do some travelling – buses and planes don’t quite have the romance one associates with the rhythmic movement of the wheels as wondrous vistas get swept by the side.

Rameswaram – South India Railways                                                                                               Image Courtesy – Wikimedia

Trains have a practical side to them as well – the movement is not jerky enough so makes it easy to read stuff or even work on your laptop. A variety of refreshments get served as you are waited ‘hand-and-foot’ by the pantry staff and the various vendors boarding the train. You can meet some interesting people and the conversations can be fun in the languorous environment.

One really enjoys train journeys in the rain – if you happen to be travelling the ghats, it is breezy and nippy.  And you get to see all those lovely views including waterfalls with the waters simply gushing down the mountains.

So my blog has quite a few posts related to trains. Just thought it will be good idea to compile the list that serves as an easy reference on the same.

# Title Blog Post Link
1 Poirot’s ‘Train’ Mysteries
2 The train doesn’t stop at Khadki
3 Marvels of Indian Railways
4 Khushwant Singh’s ‘A Train to Pakistan’
5 Shower in an Indian Train
6 World’s spectacular railway stations includes India’s icon.
7 The Deccan Queen …
8 Bhowani Junction by John Masters
9 The daily commute in a Pune local train.
10 Trains are so very interesting!

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