Cut Down On Watts

House roof covered with Solar Panel. Image courtesy of -Marcus- at
House roof covered with Solar Panel.
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It was a Friday evening. I sat at my table, busy writing and also listening to my stereo. My mom and my aunt, who was paying us a brief visit, were in the kitchen and I could hear the mixer being run. My father was in the hall going through the day’s newspaper.

It was then that the power went off. I stopped writing, my father stopped reading, I couldn’t listen to music and my mother couldn’t prepare the dinner. Such was the crippling effect of the ‘power cut’. We all came out to the veranda only to see others too come out of their homes. Candles and oil lamps were being lit in a hurry while the affluent class was powering their generators. Continue reading “Cut Down On Watts”


Theater Hall With A Difference

Image courtesy of Apple's Eyes Studio at
Image courtesy of Apple’s Eyes Studio at

Understandably there are a lot of things which we wish were not as they really are and this column enables the reader to give vent to their despair and displeasure. But there are two sides to a coin and there are some things and gestures that ought to be appreciated as well.

Criticism comes easily for us, but to appreciate a good deed is a worthier cause as it may inspire others to follow suit. So here, I set the precedent for others to follow. Continue reading “Theater Hall With A Difference”

Holding a brief for Gujral

Leadership and teamwork! Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Leadership and teamwork!
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

“As a nation we are rather prone to talking politics; whether it is a bus-stand or in a railway compartment, hobnobbing at an exclusive cocktail party or jogging in a public park.

Of course, what passes for politics in these sessions is really gossip about scandals rooted in some blurred misinterpretation of facts – concocted into a palatable mixture that is masticated between reading newspapers and political magazines and listening to political comments on the radio.”

– R.K.Laxman

Normally I have no enthusiasm for politics, but I must say that I found our current Prime Minister I.K.Gujral’s address in the Parliament full of conviction and sincerity. And the man came across as such a suave and polished personality. Continue reading “Holding a brief for Gujral”

My adventures in cooking.

Indian roti, curry and raitha. Image courtesy of smarnad at
Indian roti, curry and raitha.
Image courtesy of smarnad at

There is this story about two dogs and the wily fox. The two dogs fight over a piece of meat and the fox agrees to mediate. And he keeps dividing the same into unequal pieces and then eats it to try to make them equal. At the end, he finished the meat all by himself without the dogs latching on to his trick.

Years ago I made my first ‘roti’ in just the reverse manner. My parents had gone off to Madras and I was staying all alone for the first time in my life. And I had a great time managing my own affairs and that included trying out my limited culinary skills. For in the past, I had rarely ventured into the kitchen to prepare the occasional cup of tea or packet of Maggi. Continue reading “My adventures in cooking.”

Old values needed for evolution.

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The genius of Raj Kapoor perceived the root of India’s problems and also posed an effective answer to the same in the theme of his film, ‘Boot Polish’. The song, “Nanhe munhe bacche teri mutthi main kya hai…” is still remembered. But did our society take in the message? All I can say is that much of it was lost and a lot more left unexpressed. Continue reading “Old values needed for evolution.”

Changing Times Changing Education Needs

Image courtesy of jscreationzs at
Image courtesy of jscreationzs at

“I like less the story that a Frog, if put in cold water will not bestir itself if that water is heated up slowly and gradually and in the end let itself be boiled alive, too comfortable with continuity to realize that continuous change at some point becomes discontinuous and demands a change in behavior. If we want to avoid the fate of the boiled Frog, we must learn to look for and embrace discontinuous change.”

– Charles Handy, The Age of Unreason

I am a Kendriya Vidyalaya alumnus and had recently visited my alma mater. I feel very proud of my school where I gained my initial knowledge, skills and attitude. Then it was such a fine institution, which was widely known for its long-standing tradition for grooming excellence. We used to have good performances in academics as well as sports. And further we imbibed a sense of character, confidence in self and a code of ethics. Continue reading “Changing Times Changing Education Needs”

The lucky note.

“Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/”(image ID: 100125552).

Today my mom had a fight with the bhajiwala. He had earlier covertly given her a tattered Five rupee note and she later, not to be outdone, duly returned it to him. He complained that she had singled him out to return it, but my mom insisted that it had only gone back to the quarters from where it had come in the first place.

Continue reading “The lucky note.”

Journey to Heaven

A true incident, it reminded me of the need to practice the religion that we are so eager to preach.

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Last year I paid a visit to Tirupati. The peacefulness and tranquility found in the sacred peaks is to be experienced to be truly understood. And moreover the concerned authorities have blended the culture with modernity with wonderful success. Without disturbing the sanctity of the place they have added all the modern amenities to it. The cottages are convenient for all to use. But this wonderful sojourn in search of spiritual satisfaction was marred by an unpleasant episode. Continue reading “Journey to Heaven”

A Lesson In Self-Assertion

'Group of Masai warriors, Africa.' Image courtesy of africa /
‘Group of Masai warriors, Africa.’
Image courtesy of africa /

My friend and I were walking past the main gate of our college towards Vaishali restaurant. I remarked, “Its my life…”, is such a great number and it neatly sums up the attitude of today’s youth. Even I appreciate it too and after twelve years of school when I was ordered about, I sure want a change. But then all is not well at college too.”

Continue reading “A Lesson In Self-Assertion”

‘Made to be broken …’

'Happy New Year!' Image courtesy of gubgib /
‘Happy New Year!’
Image courtesy of gubgib /

The tradition of New Year resolutions is a sheer delight that one needs to salute in order to pay respect to our desire to improve ourselves as we ‘journey-on’ in the eternal pursuit of happiness in life. So it is of little account when some people retort and say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Picture this. It is a nice chilly evening and I’m all cozy and comfy, snuggled up in the razai with a cup of coffee and some snacks at hand while watching the bloke Boycott explain why the India selectors are a bunch of jokers. And then in walks my friend. Continue reading “‘Made to be broken …’”