Love’s Labour’s Lost

Hearts! Image courtesy of Feelart /
Image courtesy of Feelart /

My friend has fallen in love again. He came around the other day, not to tell be about it but to get some select romantic prose and poetry. I was hardly surprised, for it is indeed a routine thing for him. He needs only one friendly glance from a girl and he believes that they are made for each other.

I asked him softly if she knew about his infatuation. He said with irritation, “You and your big words. You do ask silly questions.”I gave him one of my famous stares.

“Of course she doesn’t know yet but she spoke to me.” he replied rather with a sly smile. I chuckled and added, “A girl only has to ask you whether the lecture was off and voilà, you become a full-time Romeo. I doubt if your Juliet even knows your name.” Continue reading “Love’s Labour’s Lost”

My mother and a wedding!

'Mehendi!' Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman /
Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman /

The easiest thing about promises is that they can be made in an instant, the toughest is having to keep them. No, this is not any philosopher’s quote but my own experience. Like when my mother said, “Vijay, tomorrow morning we have to attend a wedding so get up early” and I simply replied, “Yes amma.”

Indeed there will be hardly anyone who wouldn’t appreciate being cozily tucked up in ones bed on a chilly winter morning. It so warm and comfy under the quilt, so why spoil it to keep a promise foolishly made or a word carelessly given. One knows that the early bird gets the worm, but then who wants grubby little worms. It is only fitting that Cuckoos get them. Continue reading “My mother and a wedding!”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

"Happy New Year 2014" “Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman/”(image ID: 10020948).
“Happy New Year 2014”
“Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman/”(image ID: 10020948).

I was angry and had a good reason to be as well. I had just earnestly started to elaborate on my New Year Resolutions when my friend doubled up with laughter.

“What is so funny?”, I asked him.

He would not reply, he was far too busy laughing. Well I know the reason anyway. It has always been the case that my list of New Year resolutions are met with mirthful cynicism and I am supposed to be credulous as an ‘eight-year-old’ kid who believes that the moon is made up of green cheese. I find this to be very sad. Continue reading “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

‘A Story With A Difference’

Set of kitchen knives! Image courtesy of Vlado /
Set of kitchen knives!
Image courtesy of Vlado /

“Once Anton Chekhov”, I said to my chum, “told his friend that a good writer just has to see an object and he should be able to write a story about it. His friend was skeptical about it and challenged Chekhov to invent a story about a table knife (they were at a restaurant). Chekhov responded with a masterpiece to prove his point.”

My friend too was interested and asked me, “Could you do it too? I mean, I will give you an idea and you can make a story about it.” Continue reading “‘A Story With A Difference’”

‘The ad as an icon’

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

“If advertisements are anything to go by, the average Indian consumer is just one ‘bright-and-white’ shirt away from a job opportunity of a lifetime, and a good soap is all he needs to improve his personality.”

“Till recently it was believed that you couldn’t fool all the people all the time. I am happy to announce that we have now achieved a breakthrough in that …” This was written below a Laxman cartoon depicting a typical strategy meeting in progress. And instantly my mind went to the field of advertising. Really , it must have been these blokes who succeeded in evolving this inchoate theory. Their market research must have indicated that the average Indian consumer is a stupid sub-human baboon whose IQ averages around zero. Further he lacks the faculty of rational thought and has the herd mentality which is receptive to propaganda. Continue reading “‘The ad as an icon’”

“When the bubble bursts …”

'Mr. Perfect!' Image courtesy of Master isolated images /
‘Mr. Perfect!’
Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

Mr Perfect! I suppose you have met a countable few in your life, like I did. They are the ones who are always right, they can do no wrong and can give you a quiet smile which says, ‘I told you so…’ just after you have had an embarrassing encounter. They are neither shy nor nervous. And they never seem to have a bad day. Whatever they do, it works out well. They also seem to have an amazing run of good luck and success. Continue reading ““When the bubble bursts …””

‘Ouch …of Dog Bites and Injections!’

Cute Dogs! Image courtesy of khunaspix /
Cute Dogs!
Image courtesy of khunaspix /

It was on the 26th of October last year that a dog bit me! I may have caught a reader napping but then the dog took me by surprise too. It is a dog’s world really. I was walking along, having just finished my college exams and looking forward to a relaxing evening, when the dog latched on to my left leg as if it were a juicy bone. Instinctively, I warded it off by hitting it with my bag. Continue reading “‘Ouch …of Dog Bites and Injections!’”

‘Garden Bloomer’

'Garden'! Image courtesy of mapichai /
Image courtesy of mapichai /

William Shakespeare would have probably said, ‘To trust or not to trust’, had he lived in our times. Duping and conning has become such a common occurrence in today’s cut throat life.

The following incident occurred quite some time ago, but it has remained indelible in my mind since.

I was strolling in the garden, deeply engrossed in my thoughts, when I saw a man in grey trousers and a green shirt standing in front of me. He appeared to me to be an educated man. He asked me for some money, stating that he was not a beggar but that dire circumstances had forced him to ask for financial assistance even from strangers. Continue reading “‘Garden Bloomer’”

‘Couched in our idiocy’

'Watching TV!' Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /
‘Watching TV!’
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

“A loyal telly viewer defends his dedication to the box, adopting sometimes a ‘persuasive’ and sometimes a ‘strident’ sales pitch.”

“A thousand apologies …”, Ranjit was saying as usual in the popular TV series – ‘Mind Your Language.’ It was a chilly evening and I was all cosy and comfy, snuggled up in the razai with a cup of coffee and some snacks.

And in walked one of my brother’s friends. He is the intellectual type – the MBA breed. His idea of fun is two hours of page-to-page reading of the Financial Express, and if you ask him, ‘What’s up?’, he will respond, ‘The Dow Jones.’ Continue reading “‘Couched in our idiocy’”

‘Back To School’

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /
Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

My room is always a mess and so is my almirah. At times I am bitten by the cleanliness bug and I do set about making order of chaos. And the last time I was involved in this mission I came across a neat packet of my school ‘Report Cards’.

It was all there, properly arranged in order, from L.K.G. to XIIth standard. And as I went through them cursorily, I realized that I must have been the most erratic student in the KG section for in one term I was rated ‘Excellent’ in nursery rhymes and ‘Very Poor’ in the very next. Continue reading “‘Back To School’”