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Review of ‘Next Sunday’ by R K Narayan

Next Sunday is a collection of short essays that Narayan wrote to provide the common man a breezy relief from the languor of a lazy Sunday afternoon. It includes over 50 pieces that deal with an assorted variety of areas including politics, bureaucracy, culture,  the ‘day-to-day’ hassles that beset our lives.

60 years after they appeared it is quite remarkable to see that much of it remains relevant in modern India even today and one is easily able to relate to Narayan’s narrative.

The R K Narayan Museum                                                                                                                     Image Courtesy – thehindu.com

The opening essay is a novelty for sure – it talks about the need to obtain an annual licence to operate a Radio service. Well this is sometime during the 50s so TVs had not yet made their appearance on the scene. The annual fee is mentioned to be Fifteen rupees – quite a handy sum in those days and an interesting relic from the past. Narayan’s focus on the story is more about the bureaucratic process involved in getting the radio licence renewed. Continue reading Review of ‘Next Sunday’ by R K Narayan