My adventures in cooking.

Indian roti, curry and raitha. Image courtesy of smarnad at
Indian roti, curry and raitha.
Image courtesy of smarnad at

There is this story about two dogs and the wily fox. The two dogs fight over a piece of meat and the fox agrees to mediate. And he keeps dividing the same into unequal pieces and then eats it to try to make them equal. At the end, he finished the meat all by himself without the dogs latching on to his trick.

Years ago I made my first ‘roti’ in just the reverse manner. My parents had gone off to Madras and I was staying all alone for the first time in my life. And I had a great time managing my own affairs and that included trying out my limited culinary skills. For in the past, I had rarely ventured into the kitchen to prepare the occasional cup of tea or packet of Maggi. Continue reading “My adventures in cooking.”


A Lesson In Self-Assertion

'Group of Masai warriors, Africa.' Image courtesy of africa /
‘Group of Masai warriors, Africa.’
Image courtesy of africa /

My friend and I were walking past the main gate of our college towards Vaishali restaurant. I remarked, “Its my life…”, is such a great number and it neatly sums up the attitude of today’s youth. Even I appreciate it too and after twelve years of school when I was ordered about, I sure want a change. But then all is not well at college too.”

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‘Made to be broken …’

'Happy New Year!' Image courtesy of gubgib /
‘Happy New Year!’
Image courtesy of gubgib /

The tradition of New Year resolutions is a sheer delight that one needs to salute in order to pay respect to our desire to improve ourselves as we ‘journey-on’ in the eternal pursuit of happiness in life. So it is of little account when some people retort and say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Picture this. It is a nice chilly evening and I’m all cozy and comfy, snuggled up in the razai with a cup of coffee and some snacks at hand while watching the bloke Boycott explain why the India selectors are a bunch of jokers. And then in walks my friend. Continue reading “‘Made to be broken …’”

The fallacy of ‘Dentist Phobia’

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The hot searing pain shot up again and I couldn’t even grit my teeth and bear it. You see my tooth-ache had become even worse. Good ol’ molar, having served me faithfully for about twenty years was in dire need of repairs. And that meant a visit to the dentist.

I shudder at the very thought of seeing any doctor. It is just a feeling that I have something akin to saying that Maths is a horrendous subject and computers is no child’s play. I know that it is silly but somehow I picture a dentist’s clinic to be a kind of medieval torture chamber, ‘tar and feathers’ readily waiting for their next victim. Continue reading “The fallacy of ‘Dentist Phobia’”

Father and Son

'Father and Son'! Image courtesy of vectorolie /
‘Father and Son’!
Image courtesy of vectorolie /

Scene : The living room of a flat in the suburbs of a megapolis. The curtains are drawn across the windows and a man in his mid-forties is seated. A young lad – his son, about 15 years of age, enters.

Father: “Why did you take my calculator?”

Son: “Oh dad, I had to do my Maths homework.”

Father: “But you are not supposed to use it. You shouldn’t be at the mercy of these modern gizmos …” Continue reading “Father and Son”

My mother and a wedding!

'Mehendi!' Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman /
Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman /

The easiest thing about promises is that they can be made in an instant, the toughest is having to keep them. No, this is not any philosopher’s quote but my own experience. Like when my mother said, “Vijay, tomorrow morning we have to attend a wedding so get up early” and I simply replied, “Yes amma.”

Indeed there will be hardly anyone who wouldn’t appreciate being cozily tucked up in ones bed on a chilly winter morning. It so warm and comfy under the quilt, so why spoil it to keep a promise foolishly made or a word carelessly given. One knows that the early bird gets the worm, but then who wants grubby little worms. It is only fitting that Cuckoos get them. Continue reading “My mother and a wedding!”

‘Ouch …of Dog Bites and Injections!’

Cute Dogs! Image courtesy of khunaspix /
Cute Dogs!
Image courtesy of khunaspix /

It was on the 26th of October last year that a dog bit me! I may have caught a reader napping but then the dog took me by surprise too. It is a dog’s world really. I was walking along, having just finished my college exams and looking forward to a relaxing evening, when the dog latched on to my left leg as if it were a juicy bone. Instinctively, I warded it off by hitting it with my bag. Continue reading “‘Ouch …of Dog Bites and Injections!’”

‘Back To School’

Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /
Image courtesy of graur razvan ionut /

My room is always a mess and so is my almirah. At times I am bitten by the cleanliness bug and I do set about making order of chaos. And the last time I was involved in this mission I came across a neat packet of my school ‘Report Cards’.

It was all there, properly arranged in order, from L.K.G. to XIIth standard. And as I went through them cursorily, I realized that I must have been the most erratic student in the KG section for in one term I was rated ‘Excellent’ in nursery rhymes and ‘Very Poor’ in the very next. Continue reading “‘Back To School’”