Welcome to my blog.

Hi Reader,

Welcome to my blog.Just a few words about myself to begin with.

Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.
Victor Hugo

Well I will reach the first phase in few years from now. I am an Indian expatriate Banker who is now based in Bahrain. I live here with my wife and my 6-year-old daughter.

I was born in Chennai as a Tamil brahmin in a middle class family and did my schooling in a central government school in Pune. The school did a good job of ensuring that the various Indian communities interacted and laid an overt emphasis in teaching Hindi – the most popular language in India. I then did my B.Sc. (Chem) degree from Fergusson College – one of the oldest colleges in Pune. And finally I moved on to the financial capital of India Mumbai – to complete my PG degree in Management from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Over the past 14 years I have worked in many Indian cities and then traveled the world. My experiences have made me interested in people and places. I also have learnt to believe and advocate a ‘syncretic’ culture.

I love to listen to ghazals, like to devour all kinds of books, and occasionally write a bit. Am also fascinated by the Sufi influence and delight in using the Hindustani lehzaa derived from a curious mixture of Urdu and Hindi. There is really magic in the words like,  ‘tehzeeb’, ‘lutf’,’alfaaz’, ‘khayaal’, ‘sukoon’, ‘shukriya’ etc.

Will end by quoting Ahmed Faraz’s evergreen tribute to the nostalgia of the ‘desire for rapprochement with an old friend’ – (My apologies for not feeling competent enough to provide a meaningful translation in English of the whole piece)

फिर उसी रहगुज़र पर शायद

फिर उसी रहगुज़र* पर शायद
हम कभी मिल सकें मगर शायद

जान-पहचान से भी क्या होगा
फिर भी ऐ दोस्त गौर कर! शायद

मुंतज़िर* जिनके हम रहे उनको
मिल गए और हमसफ़र, शायद

अजनबियत की धुंध छट जाए
चमक उट्ठे तेरी नज़र शायद

ज़िन्दगी भर लहू रुलायेगी
यादे-याराने-बेख़बर शायद

जो भी बिछ्ड़े हैं कब मिले हैं ‘फ़राज़’
फिर भी तू इंतज़ार कर शायद

रहगुज़र  =  रास्ता
मुंतज़िर  =  प्रतीक्षारत

अहमद फ़राज़

Cheers and happy reading. Please do feel free to comment on my blogs as I look forward to hear from you.

Bahrain Skyline


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